Dec 12, 2018

Looking Great on Vacation

I’m going on a vacation to Hawaii soon, and I’m really excited. But I always look really frumpy on vacations. Don’t get me wrongI’m on vacation to relax and enjoy myself, not to put on a fashion show. Still, I feel bad when I look back at photos of my trip and realize I wore glorified pajamas for an entire week at the beach or the lake! This time around, I’d like to dress better. I want to remember Hawaii forever and in the best way possible, so there will be a lot of photos which I want to look my best in. Experts, do you have any advice for dressing well on vacation?


Vacation is our time to be ourselves and relax, but that doesn’t have to mean dressing like a slob. In fact, you may find that you’re much more relaxed and comfortable on your vacation if you’re confident that you’re looking as good as you’re feeling. With that in mind, there are a few things you should know about vacation attire.


How you dress on vacation depends, of course, on where you are going. Since you’re going to Hawaii, you’ll definitely want to keep the climate in mind. Lightweight materials are a must, and you’ll probably want to look at styles like short sleeves and sundresses.


What you will do in Hawaii matters too, of course. You wouldn’t wear the same outfit to a Maui luau as you would when climbing or hiking in Hawaii’s stunning Volcanoes National Park. Take a good look at your schedule and think about the kinds of activities you’ll be doing during your time in Hawaii. If you’ll be on the beach and in bars every day, then you should opt for simple pieces. If you’re going to be zig-zagging from high-end hotspots to rugged outdoor spaces, then you’ll probably need a more varied (and larger) wardrobe.


Knowing what you’ll be doing will also empower you to hit the internet and look for specific fashion tips. Browse for ideas about what to wear to the beach, for instance, or which retailers provide the best deals for decent-looking outdoor gear.


When you’re shopping (and, later, packing), be conscious of your vacations schedule and try to designate certain clothes for certain days. When possible, try to pick out clothes that go with more than one outfit in almost any combination — a “travel uniform” if you will — while still including enough specialty pieces (hiking socks, a dress for a nice restaurant, etc.) to keep you from wearing the same thing to every outing.


As for how to actually go about shopping for these clothes, you can use the same tips and techniques that we’d offer any fashion-challenged shopper. Start by looking for trendy boutiques and more fashion-focused shops than you might usually target. These don’t have to be pricey, high-end storesthey should just be focused on clothes that you can count on to fit in flattering ways, unlike the boxy stuff in the department and big-box stores.


Note that you can—and should—shop online, too. Doing so could save you money and make shopping more convenient (and less stressful) than it might be at the mall. Just follow the same rules of thumb, opting for trendy online boutiques instead of behemoth ecommerce companies.

We just have one last piece of advice: have fun! Being happy and smiling can make one more attractive, so once you’ve got the outfits you want for your trip, focus on enjoying the incredible scenery that Hawaii has to offer. You’re sure to have a blast and look great in your vacation photos. What could be more relaxing than that?

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