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Anthropology professors, students launch local ethnic food website

A website devoted to telling about Fresno’s ethnic food scene was unveiled during last weekend’s Southwest Anthropological Association conference in downtown Fresno.

According to Dr. Dvera Saxton, a Fresno State anthropology professor, students “collaborated with a group of food entrepreneurs and home cooks hailing from immigrant, refugee, and diasporic communities.” Saxton added that those communities face many challenges, including prejudice and discrimination, exclusion from public investment, disproportionate attention from law enforcement, and suspicions about crime and terrorism.

The website was developed by students in Saxton’s public anthropology class. Public anthropology not only documents the human experience but participates in research and actions that address inequalities and injustices in ways that are real to the communities involved.

The aim of the site is to tell the stories of marginalized groups, support their businesses by creating a website telling vignettes, to train students in anthropological methods and foster public engagement in social justice issues through food.

Five students were scheduled to present on their experiences with the project at last Saturday’s conference. The website can be found at