Designer clothing isn’t worth the hype

I recently bought a new floral handbag that I love. It’s big enough to hold everything I need – from band aids to tissues to snacks (I’m so ready to be a mom.) The bag is both cute and functional without being name brand.

I don’t feel that designer clothing is worth the hype. Much of it isn’t even fashionable. There are handbags that cost hundreds of dollars – sometimes, even thousands – that are just one color with a logo. There’s a brand called Supreme that sells shirts with just one word – supreme. These items, to me, are boring and lack pizazz.

Designer clothing is both recognizable and expensive, which are both integral to to its popularity. People can spot the difference between something that is name brand and something that’s not. And if what you’re wearing is, indeed, the flashy brand – they can safely assume that you have quite a bit of disposable income.

It seems like people wear designer clothing to curate an image. They want to be perceived as high class. To me, that’s a facade.

Why does it matter how much my clothing cost or where it came from? I purchased one of my favorite pairs of pants from Amazon. I own a pair of leggings from Costco. These items have an interesting backstory behind them.

Once, I purchased a vintage dress from Etsy and it came with a personalized note:

I smiled upon reading this. I liked that my money went towards someone who was kind enough to send me a note. Because of the additional effort, I felt that this person cared about me.

The average designer brand is ran by a corporation who I doubt cares about me like the owner of On the Catwalk vintage. These name brands are just that – a name – and not much more.