The Fresno State University Courtyard hosts a petting zoo outside Sequoia Hall for a chance for students to destress before final examinations begin on April 30, 2018. (Benjamin Cruz/The Collegian)

Stressed over exams? These students relaxed with animals at mini-zoo

To relieve some end-of-semester stress, students at the Fresno State dormitories got to interact with farm animals.

On Monday, the usually empty lawn outside Sequoia Hall was transformed into a miniature zoo that included animals such as a miniature donkey, a miniature horse and rabbits.

Alyssa Alamilla, resident director for the dormitory suites, said the makeshift zoo was set up to provide students with an outlet to relax as finals week nears.

“We just wanted to have something for the residents to be able to come out and have a nice little stress reliever,” Alamilla said. “Self-care is always important.”

Michele Dunlap, the assistant director of housing, said that students face an array of challenges while living in the dorms – making stress relief even more crucial for them.

“Whether it’s roommate stress, financial stress [or] family stress,” Dunlap said. “Lots of things are happening to our students. So, being able to provide an outlet for that is something that we’re really excited about.”

Taylor Coleman, who lives in the dorms, said that she enjoyed the petting zoo because she doesn’t always get to interact with animals, as the dormitories don’t allow any pets other than fish.