Letter: Stone Soup Fresno offers early childhood education to community

By: Mai Her

Stone Soup Fresno is a non-profit organization with a rich history of  20-plus years dedicated to helping the South-east Asian Community.

Some of the programs that are offered at Stone Soup Fresno are an Early Childhood Education Program and preschool. Stone Soup spends their time and effort advocating by going door to door informing neighbors about the ECE program to make it happen at their site.

The goals are to provide education as early as possible to prepare kids before entering preschool. We work with First Five to make sure that the staff is given these children the best experiences possible.

Something that we like to see is more kids in an Early Childhood Education because if parents aren’t bringing kids to these programs eventually it could disappearance. There will be no money funding the program and eventually it will die.

Mai Her is a scholar in service at Fresno State.