Letter: One tweet does not define the views of Fresno State

By: Blake Zante

All week long, I have received hateful calls and social media messages about the recent incident at Fresno State. But that is not what this letter is about.

All of this negativity reminded me of why I love Fresno State so much, and all of the great things that our university offers. The memories. The friends. The opportunities of a lifetime that I would have never been able to receive at any other place. The Bulldog Spirit is alive and well, and it’s down in my heart.

When I stepped onto campus for the first time, I felt the Bulldog spirit reinvigorate itself. I had an instant flashback to my years as a kid, watching Fresno State football games — rain or shine, blaring sun or freezing winter — with my my dad. That is where I became a Fresno State Bulldog.

I cannot even begin to describe the impactful experiences I have had at Fresno State. Whether it has been through my fraternity, student government, the Maddy Institute, or the Smittcamp Family Honors College, I have met so many amazing mentors, friends and professors that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

One tweet does not define our university. All of the political divisiveness in this world will not hamper down the amazing programs — academic, athletic, and extracurricular — that our university offers. And the Bulldog spirit is stronger than ever.

Blake Zante is president of Associated Students, Inc. at Fresno State.