Letter: After school programs are key to getting kids off their phones

By: Stephany Corona

As a college student, I know well that many of today’s youth are focused too much on social media, their electronic devices and improving their popularity status regardless of the cost.

Instead of focusing on improving their popularity status, they should be focused on improving their grades and relationship with the people they can see face to face, not just through a screen.

The responsibility for this change doesn’t have to be entirely on the youth. Parents can send their children to after school programs that provide free services such as tutoring, enrichment and even snacks.

Reading and Beyond is one of those programs that can help every child. Volunteers are always needed and welcomed as long as they have a heart to serve the Fresno community. Programs like Reading and Beyond can really help the youth in unimaginable ways.

They assist the children served and those who provide the services. Be a part of the solution and gain the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped improve the youth who will be the future leaders of tomorrow.

Stephany Corona studies communications at Fresno State.