Survey shows people in the Valley want to improve air quality

A recent survey from the Institute for Leadership and Public Policy at Fresno State shows a majority of voters in the central San Joaquin Valley support restrictions that could improve air quality.

Approximately 53 percent of registered voters supported restricting residents and businesses to improve regional air quality, with 40 percent of voters against potential restrictions, the survey found.

The majority also said those same voters would support a reduction in commercial vehicle emissions.

The survey asked voters how closely they pay attention to their local air quality, with 80 percent of female voters and 70 percent of male voters saying they pay close or fairly close attention.

The survey also found that 62 percent of the voters restrict their own or their children’s activities when the air quality is poor, while 35 percent reported they do not restrict their activities.

The survey was conducted Feb. 5-15 with a random sample of registered voters from the Valley.

“Air quality issues have plagued our region for decades, so the survey illustrates how it remains a significant problem and points to some possible further solutions to address it,” said Dr. Jeff Cummins, a professor of political science and the co-director of the institute.

The complete report can be found on the Institute for Leadership and Public Policy website. For further information, contact Cummins at (559) 278-6693 or political science professor Dr. Lisa Bryant at (559) 278-7612.