Apr 18, 2019
Illustration by Kong Thao

ASI Senate discusses adding more online and night classes

The Associated Students, Inc. convened last Wednesday for the first meeting after the ASI elections before spring break.

Resolution to support online, hybrid and night classes is approved

Sen. Primavera Martinez, undergraduate and graduate affairs, presented a resolution to the senate in support of adding more online and night classes to the course offerings.

Martinez argued that the diverse student population includes individuals who are parents, work multiple jobs or have other responsibilities that demand more flexible class schedules.

Adding a variety of flexible classes would help students who have difficulty earning their degrees and have to prolong their education because of scheduling difficulties, Martinez said.

The resolution, which would encourage the faculty of Fresno State to offer more online and night classes, was amended to include hybrid classes and passed with only one “no” vote — from Sen. Travis Childress, Greek affairs.

Senators discuss changes to senator at large positions

Childress presented an action item from the ASI legal committee that would amend the bylaws to change the titles and formation of the senate positions.

ASI Executive Vice President Brandon Sepulveda asked about the legality of changing the bylaws without a student vote.

Childress said that because the senate positions would only change in name and not function, that the ASI senate is allowed to approve title changes.

Notable changes included the removal of “undergraduates” from the title of senator of undergraduate affairs and graduate affairs as well as the removal of “transfer” from the title of senator of veteran and transfer affairs.

The legal committee also proposed the removal of the senator of parking and safety and the creation of a new international student affairs senator and senator of new students.

Senators discussed their concerns, with some suggesting that the removal of the words “transfer” and “undergraduate” students was questionable.

Senators also expressed concern that some titles are too general. Martinez and Sen. Alexandra Chavez, student affairs, suggested “new students” does not easily apply to every different need of first-time freshmen and transfer students.

ASI President Blake Zante said he supports making titles more effective and accurate but recommended that the senate take time to consider the changes before approving them. The item was moved for the next meeting to allow for senators to come up with ideas.

Childress said he welcomed any and all input and encouraged senators to send him a list of positions they would consider ideal.

Sponsored Activity Grants reserve pull

Patterson also requested a $20,000 reserve pull from the ASI’s Working Capital Reserve. The amount will be used to increase the funds available for Sponsored Activity Grants.

Patterson said the $90,000 allotted for Sponsored Activity Grants has been exhausted, with over 40 applications still pending review.

The working capital reserve contains between $250,000 and $300,000, Patterson said

Sen. Elias Karam, Lyles College of Engineering, moved to approve the pull with Martinez as a second.

Childress attempted to amend the amount to $50,000, but Sen. Amanda Smith, Jordan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, agreed with the recommendation of Patterson and asked senators to consider his expertise on the matter.

Although the $20,000 amount would not cover the approval of each grant application Patterson said he did not recommend an increase in the amount.

The amendment failed with only one “yes” vote from Childress, and the original proposal of $20,000 was approved by the senate.

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