Mar 20, 2019
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Countdown to Russia 2018: team and player breakdown

By Nugesse Ghebrendrias and Jorge Rodriguez

Countdown to Russia 2018: Team and Player breakdown

The 2018 World Cup is less than 100 days away and with it comes a multitude of storylines. Will Lionel Messi finally win his first World Cup, what about Cristiano Ronaldo? More importantly, will the powerful team of Germans conquer the world again?

My colleague Jorge Rodriguez and I put together a comprehensive breakdown of the June spectacle being held in Russia.

From the top 100 players, to the team rankings and predictions, to some of the players/teams that won’t be in attendance – like the U.S for instance – we’ll give fans the proper knowledge heading into the tournament.

If you aren’t a soccer fan – I hate saying soccer but the confusion warrants it – just know over three billion people watched the tournament in 2014 and over one million watched the final match. Give it a try, you never know what team you will fall for.

(Keep in mind that players might get injured or dropped by their head coaches). 

Here are the reveal dates, starting with team down to player rankings. Stay tuned!


Monday 2, April 2018: Team rankings(32-21)

Tuesday 3, April 2018: Team rankings(20-11)

Wednesday 4, April 2018: Team rankings(10-1)

Thursday 5, April 2018: Player rankings(100-76)

Friday 6, April 2018: Player rankings (75-51)

Saturday 7, April 2018: Player rankings (50-26)

Sunday  8, April 2018: Player rankings (25-1)

Tuesday 11, April 2018: World Cup predictions

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