Sep 21, 2019
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The 8 most over-the-top things about me


I am an over the top person – or as the teens say, I’m “extra.” Some might feel that the things I do are unreasonable, but I’d argue that I’m just being lavish. I’m living my best life – and you should be, too.

  1. My lotion collection:  I use six different lotions. I have more lotions than siblings, actually. For my face, I have a daytime moisturizer as well as a nighttime one. I own a hand cream and a cuticle cream. I also have a lotion just for my feet and an overall body lotion.
  2. I only eat warm cookies: When I order a cookie at Starbucks, the barista usually asks if I would like it to be warmed. If you think I’m going to wait longer for my cookie just so it can be slightly better – you’re absolutely right. Once, my mom brought a cookie for me and I placed it in the toaster. I don’t regret doing so.
  3. I used to create intricate nail art: In high school, life was easier. This gave me more time to do things like use nail pens to draw designs on my nails. My creations included suns, butterflies and happy faces. It was quite a bit of effort for art that only lasted about two days before the nail polish chipped.
  4. I used to incorporate extra features into my ponytails: In high school, I’d specially style my ponytails for cross country and track meets. I would create two separate small fishtail braids on each side of my head. Then, I would tie a ribbon around the base of my ponytail. My hairstyle didn’t improve my athletic ability in any way. But an extravagant gal is going to do extravagant things.
  5. I ask my mom to thread my eyebrows in coordination with my social schedule: I’m very grateful that my mom threads my eyebrows. Sometimes, I request her to do so the weekend before something special. This might cause me to bother her while she’s lounging on a Saturday afternoon or squeeze a threading session in between two errands. I may be a nuisance, but I’m a nuisance with nice eyebrows.
  6. I once dressed up as a unicorn for Halloween: While assembling my costume, I was saddened to find out that Target didn’t offer the glitter I wanted. So, did I settle for something else? Absolutely not! I ordered glitter on Amazon. While creating my unicorn horn, I was frustrated when the glue from the glue stick wasn’t making the glitter stick the way I wanted it to. So, I used wood glue just for a costume. I also utilized glitter fabric paint and spray-on body glitter. What’s more over the top than three kinds of glitter?
  7. I love red lipstick: The downside to wearing red lipstick is that it’s, well, red. It has rubbed off onto my shirt sleeve, my hands and my water bottle. But I still wear it because it’s worth it. Other lipstick colors just aren’t the same – red is superior.
  8. I have a thorough dental care regimen: My sister is a dentist and she has successfully scared me into taking excellent care of my teeth. I use an electric toothbrush that’s more expensive than pretty much any of my clothing items. I also floss every night. I’m convinced that if I don’t floss, a million bacteria will throw a food fight inside of my mouth.




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