Hunter Sansom

Hunter Sansom for College of Arts and Humanities

My name is Hunter E. Sansom, and I’m running for senator of the College of Arts and Humanities alongside several other candidates on a slate called All4Students.

I’m currently a second-year communication major and a member of the Barking Bulldogs Debate Team.

I’m also vice president of the Debate Club and an assistant to the tutoring program in the Learning Center.

I am proud to represent the College of Arts and Humanities as a student and as a debater – I would love to represent CAH as a senator as well.

I grew up in and around this campus and am personally invested in the well-being and needs of the students here.

I want to serve as a representative for the students, programs, and clubs within the College of Arts and Humanities.

As one of the largest colleges on campus, I want to help make sure our students’ voices are heard and that their needs are met.

As senator, I would take it upon myself to make sure that the time that students spend and dedicate to this college is a positive experience that prepares them for their future endeavors.