Tej Pratap Singh for ASI Senator of the Craig School of Business

I’m proud to say that I’m a Punjabi-Sikh American. I was born in Chandigarh, India; I was raised in the U.S. Growing up, I had the best of both worlds – accustoming to Indian culture in an immigrant household and American culture outside of home.

My hobbies include singing, rapping, cracking jokes and spending time with my close ones. I represent myself as a down-to-earth, outgoing person. It’s not the caffeine that makes me energetic; you don’t want to see me hyper. I can be childish with such tomfoolery.

I live every day like it’s my last –  stress only accumulates, it doesn’t resolve anything. In regards to business whether it’s academics or extracurricular activities, I’m serious about resolving issues. I’ll make sure our Craig School of Business students get the best college education their pockets put forth.

I want to see our students smile in their caps and gowns with confidence about preparing to enter the workforce. If you’re looking for a leader who’ll get the job done, then I’m your choice. Words such as “I tried” are the last things I’ll say. I believe that effective leaders don’t give up easily, we fight until our last breath.