Ramon Jimenez Ortega for ASI Senator At-Large

Hi, I am running for a senator at-large position. I am a third-year political science and English major with a great interest in making sure that we as California State University students can have a quality education.

I run Students for Quality Education (SQE), am the current M.O.L.E. president, and have been co-chair of M.E.Ch.A; through these and other organizations I have been part of organizing events relating to undocumented students, stopping tuition from increasing and food insecurity at Fresno State and other CSUs.

As a student at-large I have spoken before the state senate in support of undocumented students, assisted in convincing Fresno’s local BOT member to vote against a tuition increase, and with SQE conducted research surveys about CSU student struggles in paying tuition and food insecurity.

If elected, I will be able to help ensure a quality education for all Fresno State students.

On April 4, SQE will be busing students to Sacramento in an attempt to ensure more funding for the CSUs, and to stop our tuition from increasing once again. For more information on what is going on, and to reserve a spot please visit the SQE website.