Hisham A. Qutob for ASI Senator At-Large

Hisham is an open minded, aspiring and willing freshman who is a business major while also double minoring in political science and philosophy.

Although he is young, Hisham has a great deal of experience being a leader as he has been his youth group president for two years, office manager at a law firm for 17 months, captain of his high school soccer team, as well as being captain of his high school speech and debate team, and much much more.

He has been involved in many clubs in which he was able to lend a hand and help better the community. He is running because he one day hopes of becoming a politician and run for city councilor.

Hisham is running for senator at large and wishes that his diverse background helps him relate to the majority of the student body. He is more than willing to sit down and have a conversation to discuss his plans, goals and any issues with any one that wishes to.

His goal is to have every single student learn something new about a different culture before graduating from our great school because as Bulldogs, we stand for discovery, diversity and distinction.