Elizabeth Rocha Zuniga for ASI Senator At-Large

As a first-generation student, having the position of a senator would be spectacular. Possessing the determination to make my family proud, emphasis that going the extra mile to achieve my goals is an aspect that I am comfortable with.

I have accomplished many tasks that have prepared me for this position in high school. Some of those positions are being a senator for two years, being in the student government, and being in the scholarship committee for the California Scholarship Federation club. As a freshman at Fresno State, I have become involved on campus by having a leadership position at USU Productions.

Thus, it would be of immense honor to serve as your senator. There are many modifications that can and should be made on campus to help us, the students, reach our full potential.

I aspire to make our campus initiate a better eco-friendly environment, better facilities, various community service opportunities, and, of course, take your input and with the best of my ability, transform it into reality.

I would like to finish by stating two fun facts about myself. I participate in the Women’s March at Sacramento, and I am an Oakland Raiders fan. Thank you.