Colleen Busby for ASI Senator of the College of Social Sciences

My name is Colleen Busby, and I am Fresno State sophomore majoring in political science major and history.

I believe that my broad involvement in the College of Social Sciences makes me a qualified candidate.

As a member of the pre-law fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta, and Mock Trial Team, I’ve come to know members of the college from all majors. As the media coordinator for mock trial, I have experience reaching a large number of students and organizations on campus.

As the academic development chair for Phi Alpha Delta, I have advocated for student’s academic well-being. Finally, as a member of the legal committee within ASI, I am well-versed on the ins and outs of student government.

As senator, I want to increase unity and collaboration between all majors within the college. I believe that in order for students to be successful, they must be engaged and involved with their university, and as senator for College of Social Science, I want to make that a greater possibility for every student.

I would be thrilled at the opportunity to represent my fellow students. I am passionate about this university and determined to keep us on a path of success. Go Dogs!