Beverly Perez-Alvarez for ASI Senator At-Large

If you’re reading this, it is not too late to vote for me for senator at-large!

My name is Beverly Perez-Alvarez. I am a Fresno State freshman majoring in political science.

I decided to major in political science because of former President Barack Obama; in fact I have a wallet-sized picture of him on my wall in front of my desk. Upon following his footsteps, I have been convinced in becoming more involved in my community, specifically at my school.

I am running for senator at-large because I am very passionate about improving the conditions of Fresno State for the benefit of all the students.

One area that I am very focused on is parking and safety, as I am a daily commuter; I travel from Visalia to Fresno and back for five days out of the week. It is very tiring to have to devote my time searching for parking instead of using that time to get to my classes on time.

As a senator at-large, I will bring forth a proposal for a new parking structure for students. Thus, when I become a senator at-large, my ideas of enhancing Fresno State will become a reality.