Letter to the editor: A New USU could attract new students

A vote for the New USU is a vote for a better Fresno State. My name is Sal Solorio, a communications major and I am a campus tour guide. Tour guides are the first faces an incoming student sees when visiting Fresno State.

As a tour guide, I know how much of an impact it is on incoming students when they see nice new buildings and the services Fresno State offers.

We did not vote for the Student Rec Center or the Henry Madden Library but we use these services daily. Why not do future Bulldogs a favor and vote for a New USU?

Voting for a New USU is not only for the looks but also for all the new services we can provide to students. About 80 percent of our students receive some sort of financial aid help so most students will not be paying out of pocket.

Many individuals I speak to want this money going towards classrooms but in the next two years, $26 million will be invested to upgrade classrooms at Fresno State. It’s time to make a change and take Fresno State to the next level.

Make a change by voting yes for the New USU March 20-22.

Sal Solorio is a 2018 Associated Students Inc. elections senate candidate for the College of Arts and Humanities.