Apr 18, 2019

Study Abroad Advice

My roommate and I could use some advice. She’s graduating and returning home to London this summer. I’m enrolled in a five-year combined bachelor’s and master’s degree program, meaning I have one more year ahead of me. That said, I was fortunate enough to win a grant for studying abroad.


I’m now planning to travel to London and live with her for the summer while conducting my research and taking classes. That’s why we need some advice. The grant lets me spend the money on almost any career or academic development. My roommate and I ran out of ideas after looking the major colleges and universities.


I’m looking for ideas that will help me improve design and development skills, since my major is in studio arts. Most of the college programs we found don’t have anything related to those things.


It sounds like the original search was limited to only the most traditional academic options. In other words, formal lectures and/or seminars administered by a professor on a college campus or similar setting. This is definitely a good option in certain cases; however, your situation might demand more unconventional approaches. Having a flexible grant certainly makes things easier, since there’s no shortage of options outside traditional academia.


Something important to consider is the learning experience itself. There are numerous technology-enabled options that come with a minimal cost or no cost at all. Writer Amanda Foley at Upwork published an informative list of the top 10 sites for online education. Brands like Coursera, Udemy, Skillshare, Codecademy, etc., represent a growing trend in the education technology marketplace. People realize the implicit value of constantly cultivating their skills and are seeking different channels to doing so.


One challenge with some of those options is the fact that you sacrifice immersion and genuine interaction with others. Those things might not be appealing to you, but if they are, then you’ll want to explore other options. Fortunately, professional trade and vocational academies exist for this very reason. You could investigate a UX Design Course London administered by a select number of professional schools. These types of learning experiences are ideal for someone looking for practical experience while simultaneously developing cross-functional skills in a dynamic setting.


The last thing to fully consider is going right to the source. In other words, looking at internships or possible contract opportunities with an employer based in London. You definitely aren’t the first one to confront this dilemma. Writers at GoAbroad release helpful information about all sorts of programs including internships in London. That’s probably one of the best places to begin the search and learn about other people’s experiences.


Don’t forget to perform some preliminary research yourself. For instance, it would be productive to investigate London-based companies similar to those you’d like to apply to for future employment. You might inadvertently discover that some offer relevant internship or contract opportunities worthy of consideration. At the very least, you can begin developing a firm grasp of what you value most in a future position, which will make it easier to decide what kind of coursework best suits you and this grant of yours.


“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” — Saint Augustine


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