Courtesy Photo: The Blue Diamond Gallery

All jobs deserve respect

I’ve noticed that there are people who don’t respect certain careers. They might feel that some jobs serve no valuable purpose, or that they’re of a lower class, or that the people who have those jobs aren’t worth very much.

This notion upsets me. At times, it seems like people look down on a career while reaping the benefits of it.

People shouldn’t say that journalism isn’t a career worth pursuing, then read the news before heading to work. You don’t deserve to be informed on what’s happening if you won’t encourage people to do the informing. And if you don’t see screenwriting as worthwhile, then never watch a television show or a movie ever again. Also, people who are rude to those who work in airports should realize that flying on an airplane is a privilege that certain people make possible. If you feel you’re better than those who work in any sort of food industry, whether it’s fast food or agriculture – then perhaps, you’re not entitled to eating.

The last one is harsh, but I said what I said. There is no logic in disrespecting a person who positively impacts your life, even if it’s in an indirect way.

First of all, not everyone can enter the same career field. Otherwise, it would be immensely difficult to get hired in that field. Do you know what would happen if every person applied for, say, law school? Practically nobody would get into law school. I feel that every job serves a purpose. If any job were to disappear, surely it would affect us somehow. The world needs different people to do different things so that everything is taken care of. I appreciate the various individuals all around me who are all so unique and thus, can accomplish tasks I’d never be able to.