Oct 23, 2018

Preserving Memories

Graduation is looming for me, and while I think I’m ready to face the real world, I never want to forget about my college years. Lately, I’ve been feeling gloomy about the things I have to remember this place by. I have old tee shirts and sweatshirts, and stuff like that, but I don’t feel like I have something that really has a permanent place in my life. I know I’ll always have my memories, but I feel like I’ll be sad when I don’t have something to remember my friends by (when I’m not texting them or visiting them, of course). So I thought I’d buy myself a graduation gift. Now the only question is: what should I get? Experts, what’s a good way to preserve memories of friends and college years in a post-graduate setting?


Leaving college behind isn’t easy, but it’s an exciting step in your life that will lead to fun and transformative moments–many of which will be as important as, if a little different from, those that you experienced in college. But wherever you go, you’ll always remember the friends that you made in this special place. It makes perfect sense that you’d want to commemorate them, along with your college experiences, in some important way.


You’re right to note that your clothes are not a very permanent choice. Even if they never stop fitting you (we hope you’re so lucky!), they’ll grow old and deteriorate. You could convert your old shirts and sweatshirts into a tee shirt quilt, which could serve as a casual throw in your post-graduate living space.


But your friends likely aren’t represented on your tee shirts, so maybe you should consider something else instead or in addition. What about a photograph? In our social media age, we often think of photos as things to be shared and viewed on screens, but a nice photograph can make a great and meaningful wall hanging. You could frame a photo of you and your friends or, suggest the printers at, you could print a custom canvas print of the photograph. Choices like this can turn an Instagram photo into a classy piece of wall art that can continue to hang in your home–and remind you of your college years–for many years to come.


Of course, it’s not just your college years that matter. The people you met here will remain important to you both in your memory and–hopefully–in your future. Remember that studies show most of us value experiences more than possessions. There’s nothing wrong with using an object to remind you of past experiences, but don’t forget to stay in touch with your friends and continue to build new memories. Studies show that many of us make lifelong friends in college, and you have the chance now to claim that future for you and your friends. Good luck, and never forget the people who are important to you!


“Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.” — L.M. Montgomery

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