Oct 23, 2018
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Do you know what ‘quidditch’ is? Don’t worry, Castro didn’t either

Have you ever heard someone say something and only laughed because everyone else did?

That’s what happened to Fresno State President Dr. Joseph Castro as his pop culture knowledge was put to the test Wednesday during a livestream Q and A with the campus.

It appears that Castro is not familiar with his Harry Potter trivia.  He and Associated Students, Inc. President Blake Zante were in the middle of taking questions during their live forum when there was one that stumped Castro.

The question came from a student on Instagram, stating “I think Fresno State should have a quidditch team.”

According to Harry Potter Wiki, quidditch is “a wizarding sport played on broomsticks” and is the “most popular game and most well-known game among wizards and witches.”

Castro and Zante’s otherwise professional setting during the livestream was interrupted as the room immediately filled with laughter. Then it was clear one of the two knew what the question was really asking.

“We’ll have to talk to Harry Potter about that one,” Zante said to the student who commented.

It must have been painfully obvious to the student who asked the Harry Potter question that Castro was not familiar with a “quidditch” team. He asked “what is that?”

“I’m the only one at this table that doesn’t know what that is,” Castro said laughing.

The confusion led to more laughter as Zante explained to Castro what quidditch was.

Students watching the livestream also stepped in to give their thoughts on Fresno State having a quidditch team.

“In regards to a quidditch team, Fresno State Club Sports could help with that. Many CSU campuses have a team and there is a league to compete in,” said Eddie Dominguez in the comment section.

Don’t be fooled. Castro is usually up to date with the times when it comes to modern social media. He even gained national recognition as one of the top university presidents to follow on Twitter last year.

But this pop culture throwback put Castro to the test. He even ended the funny moment saying “I’m really showing my age here.”

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