Jan 23, 2019
Visitors toured the newly renovated Student Health and Counseling Center at Fresno State during it's Open House on Jan. 31, 2017. (Ram Reyes/The Collegian)

Fresno State students have a newly-renovated health center

A renovated pharmacy and a new administrative suite were the center of attention last Wednesday as the Student Health and Counseling Center held an open house that showcased recent renovations.  

Work began two years ago and took longer to complete because the center remained open during construction. It was completed last October, when the outer area of the center was renovated.

The pharmacy is located where the lobby of the building used to be and has been upgraded with a new painted wall and a new design. The old medical records room was repurposed into the new administrative suite. The medical and counseling sections of the building were fully renovated.

“It’s very welcoming now that it’s remodeled. It took a long time, but it was well worth the wait,” said medical assistant Tammy Dodt. “It’s just a better environment for the students, and they seem to like it.”

The event allowed students, faculty, staff and administration to walk through the center and see other parts of the building that had also been refurbished, such as: the lab and X-ray; physical therapy; volunteer services; nutrition and wellness; medical and counseling areas.

The center also fully renovated the outside entrance area with a new landscaping theme.

“I like the new renovations. I think they look really nice, especially out in front of the building,” said Manvir Gill, a speech pathology major. “Today’s event is making it more welcoming for students, and I like that they are doing that.”

Attendees were able to pick up complimentary amenities like hand sanitizer, tissue packs and stress balls while sampling an assortment of cheeses, crackers, fruit, lemonade and wine.

Janell Morillo, associate vice president of student health, counseling and wellness, said the renovation increases the ability of her staff to deliver quality services to students.

“I’m proud of the staff that delivered [during construction] the top services to students on a daily basis,” Morillo said. “[Students] can just walk in and receive full medical services, whether it’s going into the pharmacy, seeing a physician or a nurse … there is a lot going on in this building, and we want to make sure that every student knows about it.”

Many of the staff members were on hand to answer questions, and to give information about the center’s services.

Students had the opportunity to learn about health and wellness programs such as Peers Ambassadors of Wellness, which helps students to live a healthy lifestyle; talk to a dietician; and measure their body mass index.

“Events like this let students know that these type of services are being offered here,” said Grant Kernes a deaf studies major. “It’s in the health fees that you pay when registering for classes, so if you need the services come here.”

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