Photo Courtesy: EvelynGiggles - Flickr

Why I love going to the movie theater alone

The first time I went to the movie theater alone was about two years ago. I really wanted to see ‘The Big Short,’ but couldn’t find someone to go with me. From then on, I realized that solo theater trips are not only possible, but stellar.

First of all, there’s no real need to have a companion in a theater. I can watch and comprehend a movie on my own. Also, going alone means no one will disrupt me. For example,  some people want to make eye contact when something noteworthy happens in a movie. I think they like acknowledging that whatever just happened did, indeed, happen. I shouldn’t have an issue with something this harmless and innocuous – but for some reason, it still bothers me.

I love getting to watch a movie without others interrupting my experience. I’m not a fan of talking during movies, either. I’m afraid of missing any good parts of the movie.

In addition, I love not having to share my snacks. In general, I prefer to keep my favorite foods to myself. But doing so is even better in a movie theater. Sharing food is more difficult in a dark room in which I can’t see the other person’s hand very well. But when I go to the theater alone – I don’t have to do that.

Maybe, I sound grumpy and antisocial. Maybe, I’m just highly irritable. I don’t dislike the company of others. I just don’t find it to be a necessity when watching a movie – and you shouldn’t, either.