Dec 11, 2018

Out In the Cold


I live in an off-campus apartment that I really like. Or, at least, I used to really like it–until winter came around! Now I feel like it’s freezing all the time. At first I thought the heat was broken, but my landlord came and tested it and said that everything seemed to be working. But no matter how long the heat runs and how much we turn it up, it doesn’t seem to get much warmer in here! I’m at the end of my rope–other than moving out, what can I do? I’ve been trying to make do with space heaters, but that’s driving our electrical bill through the roof. Experts, please help!


If your landlord is correct that your heating system is working, it sounds as if your problem may be less about creating nice, warm air than it is about keeping it inside of your living space.


It could, of course, be the system, say the HVAC cleaning technicians at Custom Aire. It’s not just that your heat needs to be working and running–it should also be clean and well-maintained, say the pros. Efficiency matters!


The problem could also be your space itself, say experts in insulation. The quality of everything from the insulation to the siding could lead to significant energy losses on the property–as much as 35% through your walls alone! That means more expenses for your landlord and a chillier daily life for you!


Of course, there’s only so much that you can do about that as a renter. You’re not going to tear down walls and hire contractors. And if you tell your landlord to maintain the HVAC system but they refuse, then there’s not a ton that you can do about that besides refuse to renew the lease. But you’re not completely without options.


You can, for instance, invest in draftstoppers and other temporary, removable measures for creating a less drafty space and preventing heat leakage. In extreme cases, some experts even recommend covering windows completely with temporary insulation film!


While it’s unfortunate that this is happening to you in a rental property, it’s also a good lesson on the importance of proper HVAC and insulation, say repairpeople at D&G Heating and Cooling in Livonia, Michigan. Many of us don’t realize quite how important it is to keep up with necessary repairs to our systems and to our home itself–without both halves of the equation, you won’t stay too warm in the winter!


“Nothing burns like the cold.” — George R.R. Martin

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