Jan 23, 2019

Flashback: Five comments you left us

2017 was interesting, to say the least. But we say that about every year. Our staff this year witnessed everything from covering the breaking news involving a professor found dead in his car over spring break to fleas allegedly biting students this fall.

We covered important issues, like sexual assault. We tackled a very personal story here.

With all of the coverage we do, we always hear from readers who have opinions on the topics or, rightfully so, on the way we cover stories. Here are five 2017 comments you left us.

1. ‘A bit childish’

This comment came in response to a story on the Fresno State student government placing the “New USU” in the spring voting ballot. During a regular meeting, Travis Childress, Senator of Greek Affairs, said that placing the measure “would be akin to harassment” after a similar proposal failed the previous semester.

Harassment? Man. The best I can say is Childress is being a bit childish and over dramatic. – Dan Waterhouse

Many readers sounded off on the proposal this semester and before it failed last semester. The Collegian received letters in support and against the projects. Our own editorial board from the spring 2017 semester stood against it. As we move into the 2018 student elections, this topic is sure to get heated yet again.

2. ‘Fair resolution’

Robert Green was in the minority among comments left to a story about Fresno State professor Greg Thatcher being ordered to pay fines and not get involved in actions against an anti-abortion group. He thought the punishment was “a fair resolution” while others suggested Thatcher lose his job.

The story stems from a spring 2017 video that showed Thatcher erasing anti-abortion messages from campus and students from a campus group challenging him. The National Education Agency (NEA) was to cover the fines.

Anyone who has taken a class of his knows he’s a bit of a fringe political fanatic and is constantly pushing his views but he’s not a bad guy really. No one should be calling for him to lose his job. – Robert Green Click here for the full comment.

3. ‘GEEZE’

JimmyPageFan responded to a very negative review by a Collegian staffer on “Thor: Ragnork.”

If you read the story this fall, you might notice our reviewer did not like the film. That was his opinion. But, clearly others had an opinion on his opinion.

…Geeze, somebody got outta bed on the wrong side…!!! – JimmyPageFan Click here for the full comment.

4. ‘We love you so much’

It’s a sad moment any time we lose a loved one. So was the case when Fresno State lost a professor last spring.

The details are still unknown, but Dr. Bradley Wayne Hufft, 59, was last seen on April 12 and his family filed a missing person’s report with the Madera County Sheriff’s Office on April 13. He was found dead the same day. Former students shared their thoughts online.

I learned so much from you and I will never forget you and your support for my dreams and aspirations. – Austin Coleman Head Click here to read the full comment.

5. Free Starbucks?

Although tobacco was banned at Fresno State and the entire California State University system, The Collegian learned that there were no significant punishments for those who violated the rules. The story gained reaction when it was reported that smokers would be given a card that, on one side, had tips on how to stop smoking and the other side had a coupon for free Starbucks.

So smokers are being rewarded with a free Starbucks coffee? – John Gligich

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