A screenshot shows Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson commending a Fresno State student on his outfit. (Twitter)

‘Nailed it,’ says ‘The Rock’ to Fresno State student’s costume

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is better known for his time as a WWE wrestler and as a movie actor.

But a particular outfit he once wore caught on with his followers and became a popular outfit for many to wear, even as a costume on Halloween.

So is the case of a Fresno State offensive lineman who dressed up as “The Rock” with the famous black turtle neck, with a silver chain and blue jeans with a fanny pack.

A twitter post on Tuesday by user Matt Lea showed the picture, apparently of one of the university’s offensive linemen posing as “The Rock” with that famous intrigued look with a raised eyebrow. Lea tweeted at “The Rock” and asked him to check out the look-alike.

Lo and behold, “The Rock” retweets the image and gives his approval (not sure what he thought of the lineman’s cool sandals). “Nailed it,” said the famous actor in his quoted retweet. Many other Twitter users have taken to pose in similar outfits and poses as “The Rock” in his various forms in replies to the retweet.

The tweet by “The Rock” garnered nearly 2,000 retweets by 2 p.m. and many, many likes. How’s that for a Happy Halloween?