May 25, 2019
Participants of the "Victor E. Bulldog III Design Challenge" examine Victor E. to learn his measurements for the contest to build him the stage on Oct. 10, 2017 in the foyer of the Engineering east Building. (William Ramirez/The Collegian)

Designs begin for Victor E.’s stage

Victor E. Bulldog III strutted his paws during a meet and greet Tuesday morning.

Participants in the “Victor E. Bulldog III Design Challenge” met the live mascot to better understand the requirements of the stage they are volunteering to design.

The challenge asks Fresno State students to design a stage for Victor E. One that can safely elevate the mascot for those who have a problem kneeling low to the ground.

The winner will be awarded a $1,000 cash prize.

“Right now, when we go to events, everybody has to get down onto his level,” said Asheline Beeson, community relations and new media coordinator for the Fresno State Alumni Association. “We’ve noticed that with older fans, girls in dresses or even someone who is nicely dressed, doesn’t want to get their knees dirty. Lifting him up will allow easier access for everybody.”

Victor E. was at the foyer of the Engineering East Building for participants to come and measure him. Also, the car in which the stage will be carried was on display, so students were free to take measurements of the trunk space that would be used for the winning stage.

Beeson said she hopes Tuesday’s event is helpful to those creating a design, especially to those who are visual learners.

“We gave them a creative brief and wrote everything down, but we have different kinds of learners,” Beeson said. “Some people read something and get it right away. Some people need to see it.”

That creative brief provided contestants with what is required for the stage. These requirements included portability, durability, functionality and safety.

Beeson said 15 to 20 people were at the event. Many spent a lot of their time asking the Alumni Association employees questions about Victor E. and the car.

Dillon Alameda, a civil engineering major, said the event was helpful in several aspects.

“It gives the students an idea of what Victor E. is about, promoting school spirit,” Alameda said. “And you kind of get an idea of exactly how the design needs to be portable and other certain mandatory things that they want.”

Srikanth Varemearudrarehau, a mechanical engineering graduate student, said the event convinced him to participate in the competition.

“It is motivating me. I was thinking whether or not to participate. Now with these conversations with [the Alumni Association employees], I have decided to participate,” Varemearudrarehau said.

Students have until Nov. 15 to submit their three-page design narratives. Five finalists will be selected on Dec. 1.

Judges will review the designs on Dec. 8. And a winner will be selected during finals week.

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