Feb 19, 2019
(Courtesy photo by Albany Colley)

What a psychic told me about my future

Ever wanted to know about your future? I did. That’s why I went to see a psychic.

I came across a booth at The Big Fresno Fair where a psychic was offering palm and tarot card readings. So there I went, walking toward the booth, where I soon asked the psychic for a tarot card reading.

This was not my first time getting a reading. However, I wanted to compare what the psychic in Orange County told me two years ago to this psychic.

And oh boy was I shocked. The two readings were very similar.

During the reading at the fair, the psychic told me that I will be working in either the medical or business field in the future. She emphasised that I would be working more in business.

This surprised me because the psychic in OC from two years ago told me the exact same thing.

It’s like they both researched me because when I was deciding on what I wanted to major in, an option of mine was business.

Additional things the two both told me was that I’m going to get married at age 26 or 27; going to have two kids; travel a lot; most likely not live in California; but if I do live in California at one point in my life, I would live in a bigger city near the ocean.

All of the above sound so me. I have always wanted to live in Orange County and have two children.

As time went on, the psychic reading only got more accurate.

The psychic from the fair told me, “whatever is going on in your family right now, it will end in a month or a month and a half.”

My mother recently got out of surgery and her doctor said it would take about four to six weeks for her to heal. This instantly made me believe that this psychic was telling the truth, at least about this.

Of course the psychic also talked about my love life so get ready for tea, because I’m about to spill some.

She said that I am interested in a guy who does not live in the same city as me, and things are moving slow, but will start to pick up as he will start to communicate with me more.

Hold on, that is not the tea I was about to spill, this is.

The psychic said I would eventually have to pick between this guy and a new guy that I will meet in February.

She said I have a good connection with both guys, but it will ultimately be up to me who I want be with.

By the time April hits, I will be in a committed relationship, the psychic said.

I’m iffy about whether or not the love life portion of the reading was correct or not, but if it is, it looks like I will have to make a difficult decision.

Whether you believe in psychics or not, I think everyone should get a reading at least once in their life.

If you don’t believe in psychics, it will be a fun activity for you to do, and if you do believe in psychics, you’ll have even more fun hearing about your future.

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