Collegian File Photo (Daniel Avalos/The Collegian)

Gender-inclusive restrooms to be added to Conley Art Building

Additional gender-inclusive restrooms will be added to one of the oldest buildings at Fresno State.

Work began Tuesday on renovations of the men’s and women’s restrooms on the first floor of the Conley Art Building. The project will add to Fresno State’s gender-inclusive facilities, and will be done in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The renovations couldn’t come sooner, said Fresno State professor of animation Paula Urette.

“The building is sorely in need of new bathrooms,” Urette said. “It has needed them for a really long time. Students complain about the stalls not fitting together correctly, among other things.”

The plan for construction has been met with some bittersweetness from students who have classes in the building. Media, communications and journalism student Keith Koontz said the construction will be inconvenient but welcomes the change it may bring.

“The construction here in the Conley Art Building is a good thing,” Koontz said. “It signifies change and will help future students. I know it will be inconvenient for me sometimes, but I know it’s for the better good.”

Koontz’ feelings about the remodel were echoed throughout the building.

“This building is older and in need of repair, sort of like Science I, where the bathrooms are kind of old,” art student Richard Thistle said. “It is the same kind of situation here.”

Interim director of planning Sara Mitchel said she understands that the remodels may be an inconvenience for staff, faculty and students. She would appreciate the campus’s patience and support during the facility update.

“During this time, restroom facilities on the second floor will be available and are accessible by elevator and stairs,” Mitchel said.

The remodel is scheduled to be finished in January 2018.