Letter to the editor: We Deserve Better, We Deserve a New Student Union

By Juan Guzman

We deserve a new building that will ignite campus pride and allow students to feel creative and comfortable on our campus. A new facility with more study space, meeting spaces, food options, napping areas, lounge space, computer labs, charging stations, a 24/7 space, and more services to improve the Fresno State student experience.

This is all possible. We can forever improve our campus. We have the opportunity to build a new building that can serve as the central hub for student life. A New Student Union is not a want it is a need.

Currently, there are over 270 clubs and organizations but only 7 meeting spaces in our USU. There are always long lines in the food court and the options are limited. The lounge space is always crowded and there is really no space to meet with groups. Fresno State students deserve better.

I am very thrilled that the New Student Union project is all student-led, that no student fees are being used to work on or promote the project, and it is confirmed that student fees will NOT increase until the building opens.
It is time to ask for the best. The campus is currently working on improvements to alleviate parking on campus plus it was announced that millions would be invested into renovating classrooms, so why not a new building to enhance the Fresno State student experience?

You deserve better, you deserve a New Student Union.