Letter to the editor: Fresno State Twitter page admits to bias in the second “New USU” campaign

By Megan Bronson

Does the university stand on the side of student voices? Clearly not. Or maybe, the voices of a select few.

After a long and annoying campaign, the “Bold New U” referendum failed last year for a plethora of reasons. But, awkward, it is back this year.

On Aug. 30th, students were voicing their frustrations with having the university waste funds and time once again on the concept of a new student union. They were doing this via Twitter.

The Fresno State Twitter page responded that this second push was from students who were leading this, insinuating that Fresno State was not involved in all the ads and surveys being distributed across campus and in all our inboxes.

Less than three tweets later, arguing with students and passively liking the comments of students who showed support of the new USU, the Fresno State Twitter page said their “goal is to use the USU for more student services. We just need a big enough space, and a new USU allows us to.”

Does the page speak for the university? Is the new push really from students?

It seems like Fresno State has an agenda for a new USU after all, not just from the students trying to revive it. Fresno State’s own Twitter page just verbalized its bias.

Its “goal” does not include listening to the campuswide vote that took place last semester. Keep that in mind as you move forward in your education at Fresno State.

Your voice is not valued unless it fits the agenda of Fresno State.