This is how Fresno State students reacted to the Charlottesville protests

Tension and tragedy quaked Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend as demonstrations by white supremacist groups were brought onto University of Virginia campus Aug. 11.

But the effects rippled outside of the campus and city, sparking cross-country reactions like those from Fresno State students.

According to The Cavalier Daily, U.Va.’s student newspaper, “several hundred white supremacists” led a torch-lit march on campus from Nameless Park to the statue of Thomas Jefferson where they surrounded a group of “counter-protesters.”

The Cavalier Daily’s Managing Editor, Tim Dodson tweeted live from the march:

The Cavalier Daily reported the break out of a fight between the white supremacists and the counter-protesters after police worked to separate them. The march had been declared “an unlawful assembly.”

Friday night’s events magnified on Saturday, Aug. 12, during the “Unite the Right” rally where a group of protesters were run down by a vehicle. A woman was killed and 19 others injured, as reported by The Associated Press.

Like politicians, public figures and celebrities, Fresno State students took to Twitter with their opinions on the clash between the white supremacist groups and the anti-hate groups. Some weighed in on President Donald Trump’s response.