Photo courtesy of Fresno State College of Arts and Humanities

Fresno State alumnus wins big on Jeopardy

It has been an exciting three days for Fresno State alumnus, Peter Guekguezian, after winning $44,800 on the game show Jeopardy!

“This has been a lifelong dream,” Guekguezian said in an interview with the Fresno Bee.

After auditioning three times to be a contestant on the game show, he was selected in January.

On June 17, Guekguezian marked his first day as a Jeopardy! contestant and big time winner — but it wasn’t without an initial losing streak.

“I auditioned three times and I think by the third time, I finally wasn’t that nervous, which I think is why they selected me,” Guekguezian said.

Guekguezian’s educational journey began in 2004 after graduating from Fresno’s University High, then earned a bachelor’s degree at St. John’s College in Maryland.

He obtained a master’s degree in linguistics from Fresno State in 2011 and he didn’t stop there — he recently received a Ph.D. in linguistics at the University of Southern California.

So, how does one study for jeopardy within month’s notice of stepping on the show’s stage? Buy an almanac filled with important dates, names, events and other knowledge one may need to win thousands of dollars.

“If you’re a genius at some field but don’t know anything about entertainment, sports or politics, you won’t do well,” Guekguezian said. “You have to be ready for anything and know a variety of things.”