Too much of a good thing

With summer around the corner and finals in the books, hours of laying around watching the Office awaits.

The idea of being lazy and unproductive on a Wednesday afternoon instead of pulling my hair out in Dr. Rice’s Community Journalism class is quite the dream.

I’ll admit it’s wonderful not worrying about deadlines but to be completely honest, it wears off.

Last summer, I finished up my community college stint and I never wanted to go to school again. Fast forward to the first of August and I already had my clothes ready for my first day as a Bulldog.

The Magic wears off relatively quick for me.

I’m get so used to the demands and deadlines that I feel unproductive even though at times it’s okay.

What about you? At what point of the summer do you start thinking about school?

If you’re like me, I guess we just enjoy the rigors of college. However, I know one thing is for sure, those few weeks of sitting around will be heaven.