Finals week hacks that will help you thrive

It’s the beginning of the end. Finals week is near.

Though it feels as though it may be impossible to go on, there are measures that can be taken that can ensure finals week can go as smoothly and successfully as it possibly can – provided that you’ve studied.

Here are some finals hacks that will help you slay your exams, and guide you to the light at the end of the tunnel that is summer break.

  1. Best places to study: If you need complete silence, I recommend the Table Mountain Rancheria Reading Room on the top floor of the Henry Madden Library. If you need some ambient noise and a good view for daydream breaks, there are the large tables on the west side of the second floor of the library. For an outside study space on days that aren’t ruined by blistering heat, there are shaded tables on the perimeters outside of the University Student Union.
  2. Quality study jams: For focus-inducing ambient music, I recommend the many focus playlists on Spotify. My personal favorites are Deep Focus and Ambient Chill – many of the songs are without lyrics, causing no distractions while studying.
    Self-care matters most: Whatever you do, prioritize taking care of yourself. If you find that studying nonstop becomes too much, take a bubble bath or even just half a second to meditate.
  3. Most importantly: Stay off of your phone. I know that Instagram and Twitter seem most tempting when you’ve got a ton of other things to do, but do whatever you can to keep away from your phone while last-minute cramming for that final. Think about it this way – the less you’re on your phone, the sooner you’ll be done with your work.

And what could possibly be the most important tip of all – no matter how finals turn out, don’t let your grades or GPA define you. Sometimes test anxiety gets in the way of an A+, but so long as you made the effort and gave yourself the chance to succeed, remember that you are enough.