Letter to the Editor: Fresno State administrators show their hypocritical leadership

Even though I did not vote for either poor candidate for president I could not believe the varied violent, hateful and sickening comments made over time by Dr. [Lars] Maischak.

Allowing and validating some of the worst and most heinous rhetoric depending upon whether he spoke representing the university or as a public citizen is totally moronic and one of the shallowest excuses to be made. Nobody else in this country would remain in any position after such threats and violent incitement, yet he is put in a position of teaching our students.

It is absolutely disgusting, and Fresno State has shown itself to be the most hypocritical leader in the growth of violence, hate and the degradation of our society.

As for the leadership at Fresno State, your lack of any real governance is appalling. In the event you haven’t read all of his Twitter rhetoric, you should also be fired immediately.

Truly Disgusted,

Terry McManus