Oct 17, 2019
Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin and Michael Caine in "Going in Style." (Warner Bros. Entertainment/TNS)

So much style, so little time

Going into a movie with the knowledge that it is a remake can sometimes hinder one’s opinion before even watching it.

There are usually high expectations for any remake, and I think “Going in Style” went above them.

Just like the original from 1979, “Going in Style” tells the tale of three lifelong best friends who decide to take a chance in life by risking it all. The three decide to plot a heist against the bank that has been treating them poorly for so many years. The friends are played by Morgan Freeman as Willie, Michael Caine as Joe and Alan Arkin as Albert.

Willie, Joe and Albert go through training and become criminal masterminds leading up to the heist, leaving me with so many moments of laughter along the way. With Freeman, Caine and Arkin being the legends they are, there was no doubt in my mind that the acting would be so perfect. Yes, there were definitely moments with very cheesy jokes involved, but it was just the right amount of cheesiness.

Different aspects of their lives, including their families and their health, become the motivation to go out with a bang and live the rest of their lives to the fullest. Although it is labeled as a comedy film, there are definitely so many moments that pulled on my heartstrings. The love the main characters have for each other and their families is perfectly displayed throughout the movie.

The pace of the movie went smoothly, and each scene fit well into the story. I think one of the only things I’d have to criticize the film for is the length. There weren’t any missing pieces, but I felt as if the movie could have been a little longer.

Maybe I just wanted more laughs and more jokes to be incorporated. I promise you that while watching this film, you won’t go longer than a minute without laughing.

“Going in Style” is oddly inspiring and motivates us to take every chance you have and to love the people in your life because you don’t know when your time will come. It’s a movie fit for all ages that will make you think twice about the time you have in this life and how you should spend it.

“Going in Style” comes out in theaters on April 7.

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