Sep 19, 2018

Provider’s driving force lands her in Fresno State Athletics

Suzy Corgiat, a manual therapy provider, uses nontraditional therapeutic techniques to help Fresno State athletes’ bodies recover after intense daily workouts.

Corgiat lives by one belief: “I will grow until this body perishes to help as many people as possible.”

Corgiat was born and raised in Modesto, California, where she attended Beyer High School. She graduated in 2002.

She started off musically driven, playing the piano as an 8-year-old. Those musical practices would continue up until college, where she focused more on becoming a trumpet player.

After experiencing problems with her body and witnessing the death of two of her teachers, Corgiat decided it was time to rethink her career path.

“Maybe I should rethink what I’m doing,” Corgiat remembers thinking after realizing playing music may not be the best career path for her.

Corgiat made the biggest career switch of her life when she decided to enter therapeutic work.

“I’ve always wanted to help people. Once I understand how something works, I want to show other people how it works,” Corgiat said. “That’s kind of been my driving force.”  

Having a passion for helping people eventually led Corgiat to the Meyers Sports Medicine Building at Fresno State and the Fulton Yoga Collective.

At Fulton Yoga Collective, Corgiat is currently the liaison for all correspondents – doing all of the marketing and promotions.

She also teaches a Thai yoga class where she has over 2,000 hours of training by her mentor, who has been a great influence to her.

As she has built knowledge and a following, Corgiat has started to host her own workshops where she would certify practitioners.

Now, with countless knowledge and a background in sports massage, Corgiat is able to incorporate all the techniques she knows with the Fresno State athletes.

This includes myofascial techniques and Thai yoga, which can help an athlete’s recovery process.

“These athletes do such amazing things with their bodies,” Corgiat said, citing the importance of body recovery after intense physical athletic workouts.   

Instead of utilizing common Western techniques, Corgiat enjoys using techniques used in other parts of the world. One technique is called Ayurveda.

Corgiat said that using different techniques makes sure that no muscles are missed.

She enjoys being a part of the team at Fresno State, and she wants to continue to serve others and spread as much knowledge as she possibly can.

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