Jan 17, 2019

Bold New U is for all students

This week, Fresno State students will face an important choice regarding the future of our new student union. With all of the negative attention and falsities surrounding the “Bold New U,” I would like to clarify a few points in favor of this project.

A new student union will provide resources that will benefit all students, not just a ‘privileged few.’ The new union will have more club meeting spaces and an event center that will benefit not only Student Involvement and ASI (two organizations that are open to all students), but also the 200 diverse student organizations whom they serve.

But the benefits of this new facility do not seem to be up for dispute. The issue at the top of all students’ minds is the increase of $200 in student fees. The truth about this fee, however, is that over half of the student population who rely completely on financial aid will also have their grants raised proportionally to the fee increase.

I agree that student fees should not be spent on unnecessary expenditures, especially without student permission. However, I believe that cuts and modifications can be made without sacrificing important projects, like the Bold New U.

The Bold New U project addresses many campus needs that affect all of us. Our vote this week will help secure a much-needed addition to our campus, and make Fresno State a more productive and welcoming place for years to come.

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