Sep 20, 2018

John Richardson: Giving a voice to new ideas

John Richardson travels up and down campus talking to students. He wants their voices to be heard, while campaigning as a candidate for Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) president.

“My campaign has been [about] talking to students,” Richardson said. “Students have ideas it’s just no one’s ever asked them.”

After working eight years in business, Richardson is now a Fresno State student, majoring in biology. He said he hopes that, in the future, he can have a career in the medical field.

He believes that helping students reach their “one goal” of graduating creates the most success for students. He added that currently there are ideas around campus that may limit student success in reaching their goal.

“I would say that impact would be helping someone achieve the goal for which they’re here at school, not a new, shiny building,” Richardson said.

Richardson’s passion began when he was studying last semester on the bottom floor of the University Student Union. On the computers, he saw the advertisement for the proposed “Bold New U” campaign which was still in its beginning phase.

Curious to learn more, he clicked the link that sent him to the “Bold New U” website. That was when he felt like he needed to speak up.

He had to go through lot of information to find what he wanted — the cost. He said his background in sales helps him understand why the cost was not presented upfront.

“That was upsetting. I get that. That’s salesmanship. It still felt wrong,” Richardson said. “I clicked cost. It tells me, don’t worry about it, you don’t have to pay. We won’t be changing anybody until it’s built.”

Richardson calls the marketing brilliant, but is concerned about the student body’s lack of knowledge. So his campaign for campus outreach began. He wanted students to be aware of what they were being asked to vote on.

Now, he wants students to speak up. He believes goals are not achieved by just planning ways of achieving it, but with acting on it.

“The idea is not what’s important, execution is, and the reason for it,” Richardson said.

Just as he did when he first began reaching out to students, Richardson says he believes the best way to interact and create change is by talking about it.

Creating an environment where students are informed on what’s affecting them is what Richardson thinks is most effective. He knows the student minds think alike and says that one mind can not prosper alone.

“Whatever ideas you have for ASI or students, in general, you can’t do it if you don’t have students attention,” Richardson said.

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