It’s time for an updated University Student Union

By Dan Waterhouse

Let’s cut to the chase – I support the new USU project. The existing University Student Union is 50 years old and outdated for serving today’s students. At some point in the near future, substantial investments will be needed t keep it operating.

I’m tired of Fresno State students poor-mouthing the way they have for decades. In an effort to lessen the financial hit, construction of a new USU proposed in the late 1970s was phased. The end result was the half-baked Satellite Student Union on Maple Mall.

Some have suggested the current USU be closed and the fee dollars shifted to “direct student support.” The money cannot be diverted to anything else. It currently pays for the Student Recreation Center and for debt services on both the USU and the Rec.

I applaud Dr. Castro for having the referendum and letting students have their voice. He simply could’ve imposed the new fee.