Meet your ASI candidates: Demi B. Wack, Vice President of External Affairs

Hello! My name is Demi Wack, and I am running to become your vice president of external affairs.

I am pursuing my undergraduate degree in psychology with a minor in criminology. I am currently on the Council of Presidential Scholars for the Smittcamp Family Honors Program, an active member of Kappa Alpha Theta and a committee member of Phi Alpha Delta pre-law fraternity.

I have chosen to run for the vice president of external affairs position because I believe I can make Fresno State an even greater place for the entire student body. To do so, I will create an environment which helps everyone feel comfortable discussing their opinions while ensuring every student’s voice is heard.

By reaching out to students, faculty, clubs and organizations, we can properly represent and gain from our diversity.

Additionally, I hope to create a friendlier and safer campus by tackling the crucial challenges we are all facing, such as the rising cost of tuition and campus safety. I hope to foster a friendly, safe and fun community that will revolve around the students, ensuring the campus remains vibrant even after classes are over.

College is a momentous period of time in all of our lives. In order to make these years the best they can be for everyone, as vice president of external affairs I will represent each student’s interests and points of view.

I also encourage you to vote for the other members of “Student’s United:” Blake Zante for president, Cameron Patterson for vice president of finance and Josh Dowell for senator at large. Thank you for your time.