Meet your ASI candidate: Cam Patterson, Vice President of Finance

I’ve served my student body in ASI since the day I stepped foot on the greatest campus on earth. My experience speaks volumes and my ability to lead has been on full display during my 2½ years attending Fresno State.

The memories I made running for ASI President (although unsuccessfully) shaped me into the person I am today. Instead of taking a step back, I chose to take a step forward.

I dedicated my time toward local charities because I know deep in my heart Fresno State isn’t just my school; it’s my home and a beacon of hope for the Central Valley. What separates me as a candidate is my vision to move forward and my inclination to look past our differences in hopes of shaping a better tomorrow. 

I am proud to be a part of a diverse community that intends to make the world a better place. I have one motto in life “e pluribus unum” which translates to “out of many – one.” We are one student body with many differences but with one common goal of making our campus a better place.

From the dozens of clubs I’m involved in to my Greek affiliations, I can wholeheartedly say I am the candidate for the people. I believe deep in my heart that I am the most qualified individual for the position of vice president of finance.

I have served as a senate member of our ASI finance committee, treasurer of a six-figure nonprofit and member of the USU Board of Directors’ Budget and Operations Committee.

I have a vision, I have the experience and I hope to have your support. It would truly be the greatest pleasure of my life to serve as your vice president of finance.