C.J. Ramsey (guitarist) and Christine Ramsey (lead singer) play “Glory Days” in The Pit on March 15, 2017. (Marina McElwee/ The Collegian)

Amoret rocks the USU during “Tunes at Noon”

Every Wednesday in March, when the clock strikes noon, The Pit comes to life with USU Productions’ “Tunes at Noon.”

“Tunes at Noon” brings a different local band to the The Pit to play live music from noon to 1:00 p.m. Last Wednesday’s featured band was Amoret, composed of lead singer Christine Ramsey, her husband and guitarist C.J. Ramsey and his brother and drummer Josh Ramsey.

The pop/rock band inspired by The Killers and Paramore performed music from its new EP (extended play) “Glory Days” and played covers of more popular songs like “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down” by Fall Out Boy.

Christine said Amoret started in Fresno in 2011.

“I had been wanting to pursue music for a long time, and my husband – back when we were dating – encouraged me to pursue it, on the condition that he got to play too,” Christine said.

Christine, a Fresno State alumna, said that there is an art culture at Fresno State, and she enjoys coming back to play on campus.

“It’s good to be at the old stomping grounds. We did [shows] a lot when I was a student here. We even played at Vintage Days,” Christine said. “All of the students here are sharing their artistic endeavors, and it’s cool to come back here and share ours.”

The Ramseys said they appreciate efforts like “Tunes at Noon” to bring exposure to local music.

“Fresno’s music scene is always going in waves. Right now, it’s great but there aren’t always a lot of places for local bands to play and display their craft,” C.J. said. “So having something like this is super-important and super-incredible.”

Pete Duarte, a third-year Spanish major, said he has seen Amoret perform twice before and has become a loyal fan and follower of the band. He said he really enjoys “Tunes at Noon.”

“I think it’s cool to keep everything local so that people that have talent can be supported like this,” Duarte said.

He said if there was more live music in The Pit, he would visit it on a more regular basis.

“I don’t come down here often, but I’ve seen bands play here, and I love it.”

Amoret plays often in Fresno venues like Strummer’s, Frank’s Place, Fulton 55 and Tioga Sequoia. It’s next big appearance will be at FresYes Fest at Tioga-Sequoia on March 25.