Dec 11, 2018

Get Out: A Cut Above

    Jordan Peele’s Get Out was quite a change of pace from his usual comedic endeavors that he is generally known for.  Although many of the themes of racism and class struggle were still present they were much more nuanced and subtle than his short Comedy Central skits.

    There are no areas of fluff, every moment of the film is well placed with a purpose in mind either aesthetically or plot driven narrative.  

    The lighting and variance of shot angle is superb and offers a clear vision as to the director’s intent.

    Also, in moments where other films may have faltered through indiscriminate lulls the comedic interchange between the main character and his friend throw an unexpected twist to an otherwise dark and psychologically twisted journey.

    The heart of the film resides in a netherland of deep introspection and the concept of identity and how we perceive ourselves in the world.  Director Peele does a masterful job of depicting this interaction between how we fit into the world according to the opinions and social structures constructed by others.

    To achieve many of his aims, he used images latent with stereotypical historical significance, both foreign and domestic. These stereotypes cut across many borders including the arts and the medical profession.

    If you are looking to be taken on a wild journey that has you scared and on the edge of your seat as well as driven to deep contemplation then this film is for you.  Well worth the price of admission, Get Out is truly a cut above.

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