May 26, 2019

Meet your ASI candidate: Primavera Leal Martinez

My name is Primavera Leal Martinez, and I would be honored to represent you as an ASI senator at large.

As a freshman at Fresno State, I have been extremely active in my community and on campus. I am the secretary of MEChA, and a member of the Chicanx and Latin American Studies Student Association.

My involvement in clubs has provided me with opportunities to volunteer, such as helping at events hosted by the Fresno Migrant Head Start.

I am also on the ASI academics committee, where I utilize the public speaking skills I have acquired as a varsity member of the Fresno State Debate Team to advocate for students’ needs. Participating in ASI has made me realize the lack of interaction amongst students and their representatives.

As senator at large, my first goal would be to ensure that ASI meets all students’ needs by closing the communication gap between students and student leadership. This absence of communication can be solved by hosting more student forums and promoting senate meetings.

Once elected, I will apply the same dedication that I have demonstrated in clubs and community service to making Fresno State a welcoming and safe place for all students to achieve their academic goals.

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