Meet your ASI candidate: Michael Merzoian

Hello Fresno State students,

I’m Michael Merzoian, a sophomore double majoring in computer and electrical engineering.

I’m running for the position of senator at large, with the hopes of becoming the senator of parking and safety. I understand that parking security is essential in providing a safe environment on campus and even more so during nighttime.

In the four semesters I’ve been here at Fresno State, my car has been broken into on three separate occasions.

As senator, I hope to work alongside the Fresno State Police Department to increase the number of patrolling officers at night to keep our students safe and keep personal property intact. Student security is my top priority.

Fresno State is an amazing campus that strives for excellence, diversity and betterment of the city of Fresno. And I would be grateful to serve as your representative and be your voice for change on our campus.

Thank you all for your consideration, and go ‘Dogs.