Meet your ASI candidate: Alexandra Chavez

Hello Fresno State Bulldogs,

My name is Alexandra Chavez and I am campaigning in hopes of being selected as a senator at large for your 2017-2018 ASI team.

I first came to Fresno State in 2011 and graduated last spring with my bachelor’s in mass communication and journalism. I have returned to pursue my master’s in something that I am truly passionate about and that is student affairs and college counseling.

My love for this university and its students are the reasons I decided to run for ASI. I worked with student service programs such as Dog Days and peer academic advising, and seeing the diverse backgrounds and struggles we go through inspired me to take initiative and get involved. I am running because I want to bridge the gap between administrators and students, so we can have a partnership rather than a divide. My goal is to ensure that our student services are being used, created and funded with current student needs in mind.

In short, I want to serve students because I am one. I strongly believe in putting students first and, if elected, I will make sure that we are working toward making your college experience the best it can be.